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FLC-BTM061 is a HCI BT module with a high cost performance with independent I2S/PCM interface audio encoder/decoder, which can provide OEM with certified embedded BT audio solutions. The module supports BT2.1+EDR transmission and HCI interface. The audio encoder and decoder can connect to stereo Hi-Fi DAC and stereo ADC through I2S/PCM interface, which can realize replay and recording functions.

With the BT protocol stack software independently developed by Flairmicro, designers can easily design different application programs to support various profiles, such as HS/HF, A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, DUN and SPP. The module supports EDR, with a transmission speed as high as 4Mbps.

BT property
It supports BT 2.1+EDR standard
It fully supports BT piconet and scatternet
It supports self-adapted frequency hopping
ARM7-based microprocessor, the chip carries ROM and RAM
With a transmitted power of +4dbm
Sensitiveness of the receiver is  -83dBm
The internal LDO is directly connected with the battery for power supply
It supports the high speed UART HCI serial port with a transmission rate as high as 4Mbps
It supports 2-wire and 3-wire WIFI co-existence handshake signal
With a low power consumption
With extremely few external components
RF performance that has passed the test
CODEC property
With 92dB SNR and -85dB THD+N digital-analogue converter
Analogue-digital converter and THD+N with a SNR of -80dB
Single-end input of two-way analogue stereo sound, line input IN_L/R and AUXIN_L/R
Stereo difference analogue microphone input, enhancing pre-amplifier
BTL loudspeaker output with 1.7W loudspeaker driver
The single track loudspeaker output supports the options of AB or D
Stereo earphone output with an earphone driver of 45mW
BTL single end difference output can be deployed to AUXOUT
Audio outlet insert test and microphone switch test
Power supply management function is more energy saving
It supports digital 5-waveband EQ
It supports the sound of digital space and imitation stereo effect
It supports noise (pop noise) inhibition
The internal PLL can accept the clock input of broad waveband
Digital power supply 1.8V to 3.6V
It provides analogue power supply and earphone power supply from 2.3V to 3.6V
It supports mute function
Package dimensions 16mm x 16mm x2.3mm


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