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FLC-BTM101 is a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module supporting BT4.0 (BLE only). This

module enables customers to add ultra-low power wireless connectivity to their products.

The module provides everything required to create a Bluetooth low energy product with RF,

base band, MCU, system clock, antenna and qualified Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE only) stack and

customer application settings. It also enables the transfer of short data sets between

compact devices opening up a completely new area of Bluetooth applications such as

watches, TV remote controls, medical sensors and fitness trainers.

Bluetooth low energy takes less time to establish a connection than conventional Bluetooth

wireless technology and can consume approximately 1/20th of the power of Bluetooth

Basic Rate. BTM101 support profiles for sensors, watches, HIDs and time synchronization.



Chip: CSR1010

Bluetooth v4.0(BLE only)

Support of Bluetooth 4.0(BLE only) host stack including ATT, GATT, SMP, L2CAP, GAP

RSSI monitoring for proximity applications

32kHz and 16MHz system clocks

10 bits ADC, 12 digital PIOs, 3 analog AIOs

UART host interface

512 kbits EEPROM(1Mbits EEPROM for BTM101XQ2E only)

Debug SPI host interface

3 PWM modules

Wakeup interrupt

64KB RAM and 64K ROM

Watchdog timer

Temperature: -20℃to +75℃(Consumer grade BTM101C)

               -30℃to +85℃(Industrial grade BTM101I)

Dimension: 22.00mm x 13.40mm x 2.30mm (with antenna)

              17.00mm x 13.40mm x 2.30mm (without antenna)

Certification:BQB/FCC/CE RoHS

Application: ①Smart home: lighting control, heating control

               ②Wearable device: Smart wristband, watch, glesses

               ③Health sensors: scale, heart rate. Blood pressure...

               ④HID devices: Wireless Keyboards, mice

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