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FLC-BTM808 is dual-mode BT HCI module. OEM manufacturers can add the wireless BT function into the products with the module. The module supports BT3.0-HS and BT4.0 (low power consuming BT). Through HCI interface, it can be easily designed into embedded BT solution which has been completely verified. The module is designed exclusively for auto. Through the BT protocol stack of Flairmicro, designers can easily customize their own application programs to support different BT protocols such as HS/HF, A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, DUN and SPP. The module supports BT enhanced data rate (EDR) and supports a data transmission rate as high as 3Mbp.

BT V2.1+ EDR, class1.5
BT V3.0-HS, class1.5
BT V4.0 low-energy connection
7dBm RF transmitted power level control
-83dBmπ/ 4 DQPSK sensitiveness
Integrated with channel filter
Digital demodulator is used to enhance the sensitiveness and co-channel inhibition
Fas AGC enhanced dynamic range
Support EDR of 2Mbps and 3Mbps
UART or USB programming and data interface
Full speed (12Mbps) USB2.0 interface
Synch serial interface, as high as 4Mbps
With a programmable UART interface with a baud rate as high as 4Mbps
Two PCM/I2S digital audio interfaces
The BT protocol stack is running on the HCI module
Small size
PCB board employs surface mounting technology, whose assembly is simple and convenient and highly reliable.
Passing the BQB/FCC/CE certification
Consistent with RoHS standard
Power supply voltage: 2.3?4.8V DC
Dimensions: 20mmx 14.4mm x 2.35mm
Weight: 1.3g


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