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FLC-MCM63X is a LTE Cat.3 module, use LTE 3GPP Rel.8 technology, support maximum downlink rate and maximum uplink rate up to 100Mbps and 50Mbps respectively. Compatible with FLC-MCM530 on package, achieve seamless handover between 3G and 4G network. MCM63X support MIMO technology, and combines high-speed wireless connection and built-in high-precision positioning GPS+GLONASS receiver. With abundant network protocols, can be widely used in vehicle, security, data card and industrial grade PDA and so on.

Chip: Qualcomm MDM9X15

Support standards and bands:

2G    GSM 850MHz (MCM63M only), 900MHz, 1800MHz (DCS)

3G    WCDMA(UMTS)  B1,B5(MCM63M only),B8

         CDMA  BC0(MCM63M only)

         EVDO  BC0(MCM63M only)

         TD-SCDMA  B34,B39

4G-LTE  LTE-FDD    B1,B3,B8

            LTE-TDD     B38,B39,B40,B41

GNSS         GPS  L1(1575.42MHz)

             GLONASS L1 FDMA(1597.42MHz-1605.8MHz)

Memory: LPDRR 2Gb + NAND FLASH 4Gb

Processor: ARM Cortex A5 Processor

Interface:USB 2.0 high speed (maximum 480Mbps),SIM,UART(4Mbps),SDIO/SD,JTAG,Master SPI ,I2S/PCM, I2C

Voltage: 3.5V-4.2V

Working temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC

Dimension: 36mm*38mm*3.5mm

Application:①Automotive before-market

?            ②Security product

?            ③Data card

?            ④Industrial PDA

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