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FLC-SLM301 is an industrial grade dual-mode positioning module, which supports GPS/BD/GLONASS/Galileo (Choose two of the four) and with high integration, low power consumption and high sensitivity. Compatible with PIN-to-Pin on mainstream GPS module, can be

replaced directly on the board and smoothly upgraded to dual-mode positioning module, greatly

shorten the development cycle of terminal Product upgrading. Providing a high-precision and low-cost dual mode solution for the manufacture of vehicle, ship, handheld equipment and other positioning terminal products.

Chip: HD8020

Support GPS/BD/GLONASS/Galileo (Choose two of the four)

Positioning precision: 2.5m CEP, SBAS 2.0m CEP

Equipped with backup power input interface, enabling warm start

Enable antenna status detection and short-circuit protection

Support software upgrade, and host computer enables software upgrade via serial port

Interfaces: UART,I2C,GPIOs and etc.

Voltage: 2.85V-3.6V

Temperature: -40℃to +85℃

Dimension: 16mm*12.2mm*2.4mm

Application:①Vehicle-mounted navigation module

?        ②Ship positioning

?        ③Handheld terminal positioning

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