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FLC-CBM28x / 38x

FLC-CBM38x/FLC-CBM28x (x=3, 6, 7) series module is a multi-functional wireless module, which uses WL8Q and WL8 chip of TI as its main chip. The module is highly integrated with multiple functions such as WLAN, BT, BLE and GNSS. The series modules all adopt mutually compatible pin design (56 pins) and 20mmx21mm QFN package design. The shared package design provides a common platform, which can meet all wireless connection demands on the car-mounted entertainment system. The series modules can be applied in the entertainment information control panel of a modern car or the display device at the rear seats of the car, which is an ideal choice of wireless multimedia solution. The series modules have two different product levels, wherein A is auto level and I is industry level. Auto level module uses WL8Q of TI as its main chip, while the industry level module uses WL8 chip of TI as its main chip.

WLAN, BT, BLE, GNSS on a single package provides a unique scalable platform catering to all connectivity needs in vehicle infotainment

Provides efficient direct connection to battery by employing several integrated switched mode power supplies (DC/DC)

Shared HCI transport for BT/BLE/GNSS over UART and SDIO for WLAN

Downloadable patches and firmware enable new features to be added for all functional blocks

Temperature detection and compensation mechanism ensures minimal variation in RF performance over the entire temperature range (-40℃to 85℃)

BT 4.0, BLE and all audio processing features work in parallel and include full coexistence with WLAN

Bluetooth Features

Supports Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

Includes concurrent operation and built-in coexisting and prioritization handling of BT, BLE audio processing and WLAN

Dedicated Audio processor supporting on chip SBC encoding + A2DP

BLE Features

Fully compliant with BT4.0 BLE dual mode standard

Support for all roles and role-combinations, mandatory as well as optional

BLE solution optimized for the fitness, health and proximity use-cases

Supports multiple connections (up to 10)

Multiple sniff instances are tightly coupled to achieve minimum power consumption

Independent buffering for LE allows having large number of multiple connections without affecting BDR/EDR performance

WLAN Features

Integrated 2.4 & 5 GHz PAs, switches and filters for complete WLAN solution

WLAN MAC baseband processor and RF transceiver - IEEE802.11a/b/g/n compliant

WLAN 11n 40MHz (SISO) and 11n 20MHz (SISO and MIMO)

Baseband Processor

Fully calibrated system. No production calibration required.

Medium Access Controller (MAC)

IEEE Std 802.11d,e,h,i,k,r PICS compliant

New advanced co-existence scheme with BT/BLE

2.4/5.0 GHz Radio

Supports: IEEE Std 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n

upports 4 bit SDIO host interface, including high speed mode

GNSS Features

On-chip position engine

Simultaneous processing of GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and SBAS satellite systems

Support for up to 36 acquisition channels, SBAS

dedicated high resolution tracking channels for GPS, SBAS and QZSS satellites

 9 dedicated high resolution tracking channels for GLONASS

Increased flexibility in receiver core for coexistence (frequency avoidance, improved

PA blanking, etc.)

Operation through Bluetooth host interfaces (shared transport)

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