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Education Network

        Education informationization is based on the network, utilizing advanced information approaches and tools to achieve informationization from environment (including equipment, office space, research space, teaching space), resources (like books and professional database, lecture notes and courseware of teachers, online professional consultancy) to activities (including teaching, learning, scientific research, management, service, and office). With the rapid development of education informationization, the information approaches based on wireless network has attracted more and more attention for its quickness, convenience and development trend. On the basis of the traditional campus, we will build a digital space which is corresponding but substantially different, expand the time and space dimensions of the campus, provide teachers and students with online information exchange environment, enhance the efficiency of traditional campus, expand the functions of traditional campus, create an information based virtual university education environment consisting of wireless electronic administrative affairs, wireless education resources, wireless virtual community and wireless network services, and finally realize the comprehensive wireless informationization of the education process, thereby enhancing the teaching quality, the level and efficiency of scientific research and management.

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