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Medical Network

        With the rapid development of hospital informationization, clinical care based on wireless network has attracted more and more attention for its quickness and convenience and its development trend. Medical informationization has ushered in an era of mobile medical care. In the era, doctors no more need to carry thick and heavy data books to the wards to check the patients. Instead, they carry a mobile clinical terminal. Combined with the procedure of the hospital, it will greatly enhance the work efficiency of the doctors and can also provide better services and treatment to the patients. The new hospitals are planned and deployed with more advanced wireless network to meet the comprehensive hospital wireless applications such as wireless clinic, wireless diagnosis and treatment, wireless sensing and positioning, wireless tracking and wireless call in the future.

        The fast-developing wireless sensing and related technologies of Internet of Things have laid down a foundation for the collection of health information and made the "borderless" medical and hygiene service possible. With the constant development of biosensors, the WBSN has gradually developed in the direction of integration, mini, low power consumption and intelligence. The intelligent development of the technology can monitor the health status of the patients and special groups in a real-time and mobile manner, and can also realize wireless transmission, dynamic display and intelligent analysis and evaluation of the treatment effect, thereby giving an alarm on the potential health hazards. The wireless and low-cost advantages of technologies can greatly shorten the work time spent on conventional medical checks in the hospital and minimize the costs and expenses in the construction of monitoring system and medical hygiene service inside and outside the hospital.


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