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SERVICE Focus on Telematics solutions and wireless communication technologies for automotive applications、Quality management and assurance system implementation
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        Flairmicro is a high-tech enterprise committed to R&D of telematics and other application technologies of Internet of Things, products and system solutions. The telematics products and solutions of Flairmicro include wireless communication and digital TV software and hardware modules supporting various standards, intermediate software of telematics and one-stop telematics technology platform and embedded or non-embedded terminal system solutions formed on the basis. The one-stop telematics solutions of Flairmicro integrate technologies and content services such as 2G/3G/Bluetooth/WiFi wireless communication, voice identification and broadcast, digital TV, digital multi-media, navigation and remote service, which have made a car no more an isolated island of information. Drivers can connect to the network to obtain remote services such as artificial intelligent navigation, real-time traffic conditions and emergency rescue at any time and any place; they will have the access to their personal contents of their home and office; they can surf the Internet to search for/download information and play audio and video contents. The dedicated voice identification and broadcast software of Flairmicro mounted on the vehicles will enable drivers to finish onboard control or data (like destination data) input and obtain information through voice order so that they can be hands-free and eyes-free, which will greatly enhance the convenience and driving safety for the drivers. Depending on the one-stop telematics solutions of Flairmicro, traditional auto audio manufacturers can quickly upgrade the products into telematics terminal on the original platform. Content providers and remote service providers can also quickly establish telematics service through the software access provided by Flairmicro.

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