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Wireless Communicate
FLC-WFM011 is a highly integrated and low energy wireless communication module, especially developed for IOT market.
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FLC-WFM102 is a WIFI module with a high sensitiveness, a low power consumption and a small size, which integrates with TCP/IP network protocol stack, 32-bit low power consuming MCU, 16-bit precision ADC, and with SPI, UART, I2C and I2S ports.
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FLC-SLM301 is an industrial grade dual-mode positioning module, which supports GPS/BD/GLONASS/Galileo (Choose two of the four) and with high integration, low power consumption and high sensitivity.
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FLC-CBM28x / 38x
FLC-CBM38x/FLC-CBM28x (x=3, 6, 7) series module is a multi-functional wireless module, which uses WL8Q and WL8 chip of TI as its main chip.
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