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Global First-ever WIFI/BT 4.0 Wireless Module Unveiled in the Development Zone of Fuzhou

2011-10-27 10:21:29 Viewed: 0 times
Brief: Global First-ever WIFI/BT 4.0 Wireless Module Unveiled in the Development Zone of Fuzhou

        Fuzhou News: On the afternoon of 24th day of the month, Flairmicro which is headquarter in Fuzhou Development Zone issued two new wireless modules developed by it. They are currently the only wireless module that supports Wifi 802.11b/g/n standard and low power consuming Bluetooth standard BT4.0 in the world. After they are put into application, they can make the products with the short-range wireless communication function smaller in size, faster in speed and lower in power consumption.

        According to Chairman Luke Shi of the company, the two wireless modules are named CBM202 and CBM302, which have applied the currently most advanced Wifi802.11n and BT 4.0 wireless data transmission technologies, featuring a tiny size, a low power consumption and a high performance. Among them, CBM202 also supports Wifi and Bluetooth, which can be extensively applied in any product with a short-range wireless communication function such as computer, mobile phone, network TV, network set top box and industrial control devices; CBM302 has added GPS reception function on the basis of CBM202, with a promising application prospect in the handheld Internet devices such as tablet PC and mobile phone which require positioning or navigation. Currently, Flairmicro has cooperated with several international famous consumer electronics manufacturers.

        Fujian Flairmicro is a technology enterprise headquartered in Gomine Science Park of Fuzhou Development Zone and committed to the technology and application of wireless transmission of Internet of Things. Bluetooth series products produced by the company are ranked top in the domestic market for a market share of 30-40%, and are exported to over 20 countries, covering more than 150 vehicle mounted video and audio product manufacturers and domestic and foreign famous telecom operators.


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