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The World's First WiFi/BT4.0/GPS Wireless Module Unveiled in Fuzhou

2011-10-27 10:18:12 Viewed: 0 times
Brief: The World's First WiFi/BT4.0/GPS Wireless Module Unveiled in Fuzhou

        On October 24, 2011, Fujian Flairmicro held a new product release event at Yufeng Hall of West Lake Hotel of Fuzhou to unveil the epoch-making Wifi/BT4.0/GPS wireless module CBM302 and Wifi/BT4.0 wireless module CBM202 which are characterized by a super small size, a low power consumption and a high performance.

        CBM302 is currently the only wireless module that supports wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n standard, latest low power consuming Bluetooth standard BT4.0 and global satellite navigation system GPS function in the world, and is also compatible with BT1.0/BT2.0/BT3.0 Bluetooth standard. It will lead a new round of fervor in the wireless Internet, which can be extensively applied in any product with short-range wireless communication function such as tablet PC, mobilephone, laptop computer, network TV, network set top box, intelligent player, medical apparatus and industrial control equipment. Flairmicro has currently cooperated with several international famous consumer electronics manufacturers. Products such as tablet PC and network player equipped with CBM302 will be brought into millions of households.

        Take tablet PC as an example. A tablet PC equipped with CBM302 can be connected with the Internet and other equipment supporting Wifi through Wifi, and can also connect with existing Bluetooth equipment on the market such as Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth loudspeaker and Bluetooth keyboards and mouse. Its main feature is that it also supports existing low power consuming Bluetooth products such as Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth mouse and Bluetooth remote controller. Meanwhile, it can also position and navigate through GPS.       

        CMB202 is a simplified edition of CMB302, which has no GPS reception function and is used in handheld equipment with a cheap price, not requiring positioning or navigation.

        Dr. Luke Shi, Chairman of Fujian Flairmicro, introduced the company's current status and development strategy on the release event and how the technological team of Flairmicro was seeking perfection and meticulously pursuing functional completeness and outstanding performance. He said, "CBM302 and CBM202 fully reflect the powerful R&D capabilities of Flairmicro's R&D team and their acute insight with the market. Flairmicro will keep strengthening the R&D of low power consuming Bluetooth technologies. Low power consumption and environment protection have always been the key direction for the technological R&D of Flairmicro." Dr. Zhao Meng, Vice President of Flairmicro also introduced the powerful functions and excellent parameters of CBM302 and CBM202 on the release event.

        Mr. David James, the market supervisor of British CSR Asia-Pacific Market, highly praised the team of Flairmicro on the release event. He said, "CSR is very pleased to cooperate with Flairmicro and help Flairmicro to push the modules with Bluetooth 4.0 function into the market. Flairmicro is a young company, but it has become a leader of technical innovation."

        Fujian Flairmicro is a R&D company headquartered in the Gomine Science Park of Fuzhou Development Zone, with a core team of talents introduced from overseas, who main business is R&D of RF communication modules for Internet of Things. Dr. Luke Shi and Zhao Meng, leaders of the team, are high-level entrepreneurship and innovation talents introduced by the provincial party committee of Fujian, who have won the awards of "high-level talent innovation team of Fujian Province" granted by the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of Fujian. They have obtained Ph.D. degree from a famous university of America, with an working experience of twenty to thirty years in an international first-class communication company and Lucent & Bell Research Lab.

        Currently the series products of Flairmicro such as Wifi module and Bluetooth module have been extensively applied in the fields such as tablet PC, player and audio products. The Bluetooth module series of Flairmicro have enjoyed a high popularity and occupied a high market share in domestic and overseas markets of auto electronics, ranked No. 1 in domestic market with a market share of 30-40%. The technological team of Flairmicro has always been based on proactive technologies, perfect quality assurance and a spirit of ceaseless exploration into new technologies.

        Government leaders at each level have attended the release event and made a speech. And the release event was also attended by the main leaders of several partners, clients, suppliers of Flairmicro. It was covered by each main news media of Fujian Province and Fuzhou City.


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